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We only contributed a little push in the right direction for this website. Our main duty was to optimize the page loading speed. And we did it! According to Google, this page’s loading speed for desktops is 98%!

Site for sharing and using Wi-Fi spots all over the world

Self-explanatory, right? However, we also implemented a system for purchasing "pro-status", which included site localization and code refactoring.


We developed a cross-platform application using React Native, where anyone can sign up to help other people or find help. How does it work? Any person who needs help fills out an application, and any other person with the right skills can reply and get paid to provide the service needed. We developed an online chat, a time log, the ability to search for a close-by person using geolocation, as well as payment options and public profiles with reviews. Let's just say that we created a charitable social network where you can do good, but still, get paid.

App for language learning

We developed an app for iOS and Android platforms using React Native with a simple design but excellent UX features. Also, we helped with registering it on the App Store and Google Play.

Web application for cryptocurrency exchange company

We developed a web application for online cryptocurrency exchanges. We made a project boilerplate, responsive pixel perfect HTML landing page, and API integration.

Web application for an HR company

This was an internally used web application for an HR agency with responsive pixel perfect HTML pages, API integration and internal service options.

Game for Android and IOS

This was a fully customized project. The game had a unique mix of destruction and ball shooting, perfect time killer to spend our breaks on :)

App for searching sushi recipes

We used a greenfield app for iOS and Android and gave it a better purpose. We implemented both UI (user interface design) and UA (user assistance) for the best UX (user experience).

Pixel game

We developed a game using React Native and a custom game engine. Then, we integrated it with Google Ads and Google Analytics, and implemented ecommerce options. Lastly, we optimized app speed as well.

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