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Lomray Software - software development company with a unique approach

In 4+ years of work, we have helped more than 35 companies develop their products and enter the market. We are trusted by companies around the world. We work with theUSAUSAEuropeEuropeUAEUAEAustraliaAustralia and other countries.

5 stars️

Our clients give us an average rating of 5 stars . They appreciate our experience and quality.


HQ office

Our Head Quarter office is based in Poland, Warsaw, where we welcome clients to visit us


2m+ users

Over 2 million people worldwide use the apps we have developed for our clients.

We can be of service to :


Regardless of whether you need to develop an MVP or create a new version of your product for scaling in new markets, we can help you with that, and you can rest assured about the deadlines and quality in front of investors and partners.

Small and Middle Business

In the face of intense competition, businesses need to stay one step ahead of their competitors. Whether you need to develop a custom CRM system, a new module for your digital business, or a mobile application that increases customer base and loyalty, we will be your best partner in reaching new heights.


Do you have an idea for a new product or application that you believe will help you earn money? We will not only assist you in development but also in product conceptualization, visioning, and ensuring it is implemented in the best possible way. This way, you can focus on the most important business tasks that will lead to results.

After our work, your application will be:

Highest quality codebase



Market winner



Software development Industries we cover:

Why our clients trust us to custom app development:


Our CTO with over 14 years of development experience review of all projects. The best React, ReactNative, Node.js developers, UI/UX product designers work in our team. We focus only on our tech stack, so we have a deep knowledge in this and we know about all the nuances.


We value the time of our clients and understand that deadlines mean a lot to a business. Therefore, we are usually ready to provide a quick start, you do not need to wait for weeks or months. Also, the average response time during the working day is 15 minutes. After a working day - about two hours. If something is urgent, we will try to get in touch and resolve the issue even during weekends.


Our clients can view the current status of any task at any timeWe provide full access to up-to-date time logs, a task board in Trello or Jira, Slack chat with the team, and a time tracker. You will always be aware of the stage of development of your project. In addition, we provide a daily progress updates, daily we update all changes in the staging environment. Therefore, the results of our work will not come as a surprise to you. You will always be aware of all updates.


We are focused on one of those stack which is one of the most popular at the moment - React, ReactNative, Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, AWS. For all the time we have collected many solutions that allow us to save the time and budget of our customers.These are such solutions as ready-made Node.js microservices for the backend, various libraries for React.js and ReactNative.

Flexible Approach

We understand that convenience is just as important for our clients when working with us. Therefore, sometimes we adjust some processes according to the wishes of our customers.For example, if our team works together with the client's technical team, we slightly change the processes, make communication more convenient. Also, no matter where you are - USA or Australia or Europe, we adapt the team's work schedule so that the team has at least several hours of coverage every day with our client's time zone.

Focus on results

It is important for us to develop a market winner applications.When developing, we not only follow the wishes of the client, but also offer improvements, share our product expertise. We think not only about the tasks in Jira, but also about how our solution will work in the future for users? Will it work well? Will it be convenient and understandable? We make projects that we are proud of.

Custom app development cost

Each application has its own characteristics, features and scope of work. Therefore, the cost may vary. We calculate the cost based on the hourly rate of specialists and the number of hours that we will need to spend.

Big size app

65k$+6+ months

Small app or MVP

10k$-35k$4-6 weeks

Middle size app

35k$-65k$1-3 months

Our latest cases

Our latest cases

Our latest cases

Our latest cases

mobile app AI beauty marketplace

We have developed a solution that uses machine learning to determine the optimal shade of foundation or other beauty products based on a photo of the user's skin.

- Founder & CEO | Kety, Inc.

"Lomray Software’s high-quality work has received praise from the client. They cultivate a productive collaboration through a responsive, flexible, and personable approach. Beyond their project ownership, their constant availability and positive attitude are impressive."

wallpapers mobile app development

A mobile application that will decorate your iPhone! Thousands of unique wallpapers for iPhone and Apple Watch. The mobile app was developed using the best practices in User Experience and design, custom animations, and haptic feedback.

Business Name Generator development

Web application development using React. We have created a simple and user-friendly interface, optimized the application loading speed. The result is a simple and convenient platform to generate a name for your new business or startup.

Our customers are thrilled by our services! Don’t trust us? No prob, check our profile!

Ready to discuss your project?

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What is the difference between us and other companies, freelancers, in-house team:

#Other companies

  • You can be sold Junior

  • Not always interested in quality

  • Don’t always think about the business component of the project

  • Less flexible, slow start, slow response


  • As a rule, not only low cost but also low quality

  • No guarantees or liability

  • Missed deadlines

  • May disappear suddenly

#In-house team

  • Cannot be hired for a short-term project

  • Expenses for insurance, corporate parties, vacation, sick leave, internet, office, equipment, hiring

  • In addition to developers, you also need to hire a manager, a technical lead, which increases the cost

#lomray software

  • Guarantees for the result fixed by the contract

  • Quick start

  • A team motivated in the success of your project

  • High quality of the code, and the reliability of the project

  • Product experience (we also release our own products to test the team's ideas and improve our product expertise)

  • Meeting deadlines

  • Prompt communication (if something happens to you and it is critical, we will try to fix it even after business hours)

  • No additional payments and budget increase

Our clients:

> 30 our happy clients

Full transparency of business processes

You have access to all materials, chats, test environment, time logs and task boards where you can see the current progress at any time

Modern solutions and technologies

We work with reliable technologies used by companies such as Meta, Instagram, Tesla, Google. These technologies allow you to quickly develop products, but maintain quality and reliability

Operational support of a qualified team

As a rule, we cover more than 97% of all technical issues that our customers have. If necessary, we connect departmental leads to solve your case.

Additionally we offer

Help in choosing a CTO

Technical audit of the project

Team augmentation

Assistance in choosing technologies for the project

Technical maintenance of the project

Product re-engineering

Ready to build Your application?

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