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We specialize in providing Ai development solutions to our customers

By leveraging AI-powered solutions and data analytics, we effectively address common operational challenges, as well as improve efficiency and optimize results.

Video generation

Introducing our AI-powered video generation service which can create stunning videos in seconds!Our custom AI model development tools allow for personalized and unique content tailored to your brand's specific needs.

Video & Text Translation

This Enterprise AI application utilizes advanced neural networks and deep learning to provide accurate and reliable translations for businesses of all sizes. With this state-of-the-art technology, language barriers are a thing of the past.


Our AI chatbot development for customer support is transforming the way businesses interact with their clients. This custom-built chatbot utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to provide personalized assistance and prompt issue resolution options.

Rule-based Expert Systems

Our machine learning development team has created a rule-based expert system that provides accurate and consistent decision-making for complex tasks. With this technology, businesses can reduce human errors and improve overall efficiency in their operations.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our custom AI solutions team has designed a medical diagnosis system. This system can quickly and accurately diagnose various health conditions and predict potential health risks. With this technology, healthcare providers can improve patient care and reduce costs.

Transportation and LogisticsAnalytics

One of our most successful projects was a logistics analytics system that optimizes supply chain management through machine learning.This tool utilizes machine learning algorithms to predict demand, manage inventory levels, and optimize transportation routes.

Our expertise lies in delivering trusted AI software development solutions for a wide range of needs

Our customers rely on our AI development services to avoid or manage challenges associated with launching their AI projects.

AI beauty marketplace

AI mobile app development is one of the many ways we have assisted our clients

In this case, we developed a solution that uses machine learning to determine the optimal shade for foundations and other beauty products based on a photo of the user's skin and data on their skin condition.

AI B2B marketplace

This client required an enterprise AI application that could optimize

procurement in large companies through predictive analytics based on artificial intelligence.

AI Diagnosis platform

Several third-party AI APIs were used in the development of this healthcare

service to facilitate the analysis of data from patient condition reports, X-ray, and ultrasound imaging.

AI vehicle monitoring

During this AI-based app development, we integrated several AI APIs to better predict adverse driving

conditions for trucks, optimize routes, and analyze all the criteria affecting the cost and delivery time.

our AI App Development competencies

1. Machine Learning

We train a neural network to analyze vast amounts of data for patterns and regular techniques to solve common business problems.

2. Predictive analytics

Our AI solutions help companies anticipate potentially risky situations and future trends, allowing for valuable insights that translate into better business outcomes. Risk analysis methods are easier and more effective through the use of AI.

3. AI integrations

As an AI company, we are ready to tackle the challenge of integrating our ready-made or custom AI-driven solutions within your already-existing systems. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be a hassle.

4. Data Science

Our team of skilled data scientists and analysts is experienced in uncovering hidden patterns and trends within your data, and suggest appropriate solutions that expedite your business workflows. We firmly believe that big data analytics serves as a powerful tool to address a wide array of business challenges.

benefits of ai

benefits of ai

benefits of ai

benefits of ai

Resource Optimization

AI development solutions are ideal for facilitating routine tasks and business process automation, freeing up human resources that could be best allocated elsewhere within the organization.

Scripts Don't Get Tired

An AI Chatbot can work 24/7, aiding with a variety of customer-focused services, such as customer complaints, answering inquiries, and more.

Improved Security

Artificial intelligence solutions have the ability to spot suspicious activity and irregular patterns, making it easier for companies to detect potential security threats and mitigate risks quickly.

Increased Efficiency

AI-driven solutions are well known for revolutionizing business operations by enabling companies to identify deficiencies and streamline processes, leading to both increased productivity and higher levels of operational excellence.

Right Decisions

Our AI software development services have assisted businesses with making informed decisions that ultimately drive sustainable growth. From combating fraud to remaining competitive in their respective markets, our clients derive a long list of benefits from working with us.

Reduced Human Factor

AI tools, powered by machine learning, have proven instrumental in minimizing the number of human errors within routine business processes, enhancing accuracy and, ultimately, performance.

When and who can benefit from AI development services?

AI development services can assist with the following:


Banking and Finance

  • Customer service

  • Risk assessment 

  • Investment management 

  • Banking and Finance

  • Regulatory compliance 

  • Personalized banking



  • Personalized shopping experience

  • Inventory management

  • Price optimization 

  • Fraud detection 

  • Customer service

  • Visual search

  • Supply chain management



  • Medical diagnosis

  • Personalized treatment

  • Analyze patient data in EHRs

  • Drug discovery 

  • Medical research

  • Optimizing workflows

  • Remote patient monitoring



  • Risk assessment

  • Claims processing

  • Fraud detection

  • Customer experience

  • Predictive analytics

  • Underwriting automation


Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Demand forecasting

  • Route optimization

  • Warehouse management

  • Freight optimization

  • Risk management

  • Supply chain visibility

  • Predictive maintenance



  • Personalized learning

  • Intelligent tutoring systems

  • Assessment and grading

  • Language learning

  • More


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Our Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Lomray is a results-driven AI development company that prioritizes your success and profitability. We provide a full range of services to ensure that your AI project is optimized to its full potential in order to best achieve your business objectives.


AI Technology Consulting

Our AI technology consulting is designed to provide expert advice on building or implementing AI solutions in your business. Tailored to your unique needs, our consultations are sure to unlock new growth opportunities.


End-to-end AI Model Development

We are fully equipped to offer end-to-end software development services that won’t leave you guessing at any point. <span>From model selection and data preparation to network training and monitoring, our AI solutions cover every aspect of your projects.</span>


Fine-tuned Models

Our team of IT developers and business consultants work together to fine-tune and train AI models, improving the performance of AI algorithms and optimizing the final result. <span>Our AI developers are trained in the latest trends and expertise on the market, ensuring your projects are carefully assessed and executed.</span>


Custom AI solutions

At Lomray, we develop custom AI software precisely tailored to your requests and requirements. <span>Use our AI software solutions and permanently transform your business outcomes.</span>

Why choose us?

  • We don't underestimate deadlines; we always meet them

    We carefully estimate and stick to the deadlines that were set during the quotation stage. This allows us to remain within your budget.

  • Only qualified developers for your AI project

    No novice developers or underqualified personnel would have access to your project. All AI services are executed by middle or senior-level developers.

  • Best product quality

    We guarantee that our solutions will not require any further optimization for any common issues such as speed, security, or user experience.

  • Product-oriented approach

    We care about the viability and subsequent use of the product, and therefore offer strategic solutions for its development during the project.

  • Project review by our CTO

    Our CTO reviews each project for solution logic, security, correct technology usage, and AI project performance.

  • Each project has dedicated manager

    Each project we undertake is handled by an assigned professional whose focus is completely dedicated to its success.

  • The best developers in the market are part of our company

    Thanks to our hiring and onboarding algorithms, we have professional developers who regularly deliver excellent results.

Our Artificial Intelligence Development Process

  • OnboardingData gathering and business assessment to best understand the required product and the business problem it aims to solve.

  • Discovery stageResearching competitors and existing solutions on the market, as well as potential ways to apply deep learning techniques to your needs.

  • PrototypingFinding suitable custom software development solutions, configuring integrations, and launching the AI MVP.

  • DesignCreating the design layout and initiating the backend programming of the main page, as well as exploring any additional functionality of your AI-powered project.

  • TestingManual and automated testing of the software's main usage scenarios, as well as testing of random or unlikely scenarios.

  • PublishingPublishing the project and monitoring its performance.

  • Technical supportTechnical support from our AI specialists after launching.

  • Start working with us today

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  • What is AI?

    AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent digital tools which can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as recognizing speech, making decisions, and learning.

  • How does AI work?

    AI systems use a combination of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and other advanced techniques to analyze data, learn from it, and make decisions based on that knowledge.

  • Can AI replace humans?

    AI has the potential to automate many tasks that are currently performed by humans. However, it is unlikely to completely replace human workers in the near future. Instead, AI is more likely to augment human workers by allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks that require creativity, judgment, and emotional intelligence.

  • How can AI help businesses?

    Businesses can use Ai-powered tools to automate routine tasks, improve customer service, increase efficiency, and gain insights from data. Some common applications of AI in business include chatbots, recommendation systems, fraud detection, and predictive analytics.

  • I'm not sure if AI solutions can be applied in our company. How can you help us?

    Our AI development company offers a variety of solutions for different industries, from healthcare to beauty to education. If you're unsure if artificial intelligence can be used to solve problems for your company, contact us and we'll be able to give you a more detailed assessment.

  • Who would benefit from working with Lomray artificial intelligence development company?

    Our services are best suited for clients who value a flexible process, want to receive an artificial intelligence product that won't need to be redone, and need help not only with the development and programming stages but also with the development strategy overall.

  • How much can AI software development solutions cost?

    Prices for such projects depend on several parameters, including the project complexity and the number of data engineers involved in setting up the required AI solution. To get an accurate project estimate, contact us.

  • How much does it cost to hire an AI developer?

    AI application development requires a team of AI developers in order to address all aspects of a project quickly and most effectively. In our company, only middle or senior IT developers work on AI projects. The cost of application development is based on their level of expertise.

  • What services do AI companies provide?

    We provide the following services: AI Technology Consulting, End-to-End AI Model Development, Fine-tuned Models, and Custom AI solutions.

  • What do AI software developers do?

    The main job of AI developers is to find or create an AI model to train, using the data provided by the client.

  • What is AI software as a service?

    Like with other IT products, integrating AI-powered software into your business is a service on its own. We can provide this service separately or as part of our comprehensive packages.

  • How can AI be used in software development?

    It can enhance digital capabilities through the use of ready-made AI software solutions such as ChatGPT, Midjouney, Dall-E, chatbots, and more.

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