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We don’t start working out of thin air. Our goal is solving your problems. So we’ll pull out our magnifying glass and find your blind spots. We’ll listen to your struggles, analyze your challenges, and work our magic to come up with effective solutions.

UX / UI design

Design is just as important as proper coding. You have seconds to impress your users. Ensuring everything on your page or app is clearly legible and easy to navigate can mean the difference between an excellent brand image and more sales for your company. Our designers understand user psychology, how readers’ eyes move as they scroll down, and how colors can influence their mood and opinion of you. It’s with that background knowledge that we set out to make you stand out among your competition.

web development

Solid code work – that is our promise to you. We check that piece of text, test it and finesse it until it’s flawless. They say the devil’s in the details. We like to think we’ve turned him into our friend. We’ve developed an eye for those nitty-gritty details and precision is now our second nature.

mobile development

Are you looking at an Android app, iOS or one for both platforms? Cross-platform application development has become the norm for most companies nowadays. It maximizes user accessibility and broadens your reach, as well.

backend development

Your website or app is not only about navigation. You might have e-commerce needs, subscriptions, surveys, chats, integrations and much more on there. With our extensive programming language expertise, we’ll keep your page or application both dynamic and practical, while you focus on growing your business. We’ll worry about your servers so you can only worry about best serving your clients.

MVP(minimum viable product) development

Sometimes you may simply want to nail down the nuts and bolts of your digital solution and worry about embellishments later. We can also help you out with that. It will be quick, but practical. We’ll include all the basic functions you need to start operating and when you’re ready, we’ll help you take it to the next level. You don’t know how you want your MVP to look like? Don’t worry about that either. We have plenty of mockups for different types of projects, which you are welcome to use.

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QA(quality assurance) and A/B testing

Dealing with bugs and errors can quickly push your clients away. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen. Combining manual and automated testing, our team of QA engineers and tech experts will be hair-splitting each code strand to ensure we deliver the best quality product to you.

marketing and PR

Are you getting lost in the vast ocean of advertising noise? Is your design standing out? Is your copy hitting the heart strings of your target market? If you’re struggling in any of those areas and don't have a full-time marketing specialist, our marketing department will gladly help you out. Have a chat with us about your goals and objectives, and let’s see how we can work together.

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