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Reactjs developers skill set



React Router

React Router DOM




React server-side rendering

CSS modules

Vite SSR Boost

State management




Redux Toolkit

Redux Observable

Redux Thunk

Redux Saga



Apollo GraphQL



Material UI

React Bootstrap

Chakra UI

Ant Design







Google Charts

AG Grid











React Testing Library







Hire best react js developers


Senior React Developer & Tech Lead

6+ years of experience in React and React Native

With experience across various industries, Alex possesses a broad vision and extensive expertise in building complex platforms.

React, TypeScript, MobX, SSR, React Native, AWS and 20+ more tools.



Senior React Developer

5+ years of experience in React

Gleb always keeps her finger on the pulse and stays up-to-date with all the new features and approaches in React.

React, TS, Redux Toolkit, MobX, SASS, TailwindCSS and 20+ more tools.



Senior React Developer

6+ years of experience in React

Vast experience in front-end development and attention to detail. Alex can implement interfaces of any level with pixel perfect precision.

React, TypeScript, JS, Redux, MUI, Recoil, ScSS, SSR and 20+ more tools.



Senior React Developer

5+ years of experience in React

Focusing on code quality and optimization, Natali places special emphasis on the reliability and security of React platforms.

React, TS, Redux, MobX, SSR, Next js, GraphQl, and 20+ more tools.


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With this, you will:

be protected from risks

With our team, you'll never find yourself in a situation where your product is unstable, production isn't working, users are dissatisfied, and performance and security are low. Thanks to our extensive expertise and processes like mandatory technical audits by our CTO every month, a mandatory technical lead, and mandatory code review, we can deliver top-quality projects.

Save your time

You no longer need to manage a team, hire and fire, build deadline charts, or worry about timelines. We'll take care of everything related to the product development aspect, while you can focus on what matters most - your business, acquiring new clients, and securing investments. For everything else, there's Lomray Software.

be confident about result

During estimation, we take all the nuances into account, and thanks to our vast experience in building products of varying complexities, we strictly adhere to the promised timelines. Maximum deviations are around 10% from the initial estimate. Larger discrepancies may only occur in the case of new additional requirements or changes to the requirements during the work process.

get best price/quality

Due to our internal optimizations, we offer more competitive prices than developers from other, more expensive regions while still maintaining the quality, education, and expertise of our team. Furthermore, our entire team is genuinely interested in the success of your project, which is priceless.

Why Lomray


You will get the experience of the entire team, even if you hire one employee.

our specialty

React is our specialty and we have a lot of experience


We are confident that even the most difficult tasks will be completed

best developers

The best developers, only 2% percent of candidates pass our technical selection

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7. What is the expected duration of your project?

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React js projects

Online stand-up comedy Platform development

Development of a web platform for a stand-up shows. Thousands of comedians and fans have already appreciated all the features of the platform. Live broadcasts of comedians, reactions and comments, tracking news and events from favorite comedians - all this is available today!

Crypto marketing website development

Modern businesses need more than just outdated, generic templates to remain competitive. We developed this website using React, allowing us to implement all the desired features. The website is not only fast and functional but also offers multilingual support, integration with third-party platforms, 3D graphics, and much more.

Space website with 3D animations

Inspired by the theme of space, we tried to create a feeling of real space using 3D animations, interactive elements, and transitions. We worked on the User Experience to impress the users of the website.

- Dorian Leger, CEO, E2M

"The website was completed and deployed in a timely manner and had all of the client's requested features. Lomray Software managed every aspect of the project well."


Our github

We only focus on React, ReactNative and Node.js technologies. We not only work with these technologies all the time and have vast experience, but also create open-source solutions for other React developers.

Go to GitHub


The website was completed and deployed in a timely manner and had all of the client’s requested features. Lomray Software managed every aspect of the project well- they delivered tasks on time and on budget and kept the client in the loop throughout. The team was also detail-oriented and efficient.

Dorian Leger

Business Tech Partnerships, Lunar Exploration Company

What is the difference between us and other companies, freelancers, in-house team:

#Other companies

  • You can be sold Junior

  • Not always interested in quality

  • Don’t always think about the business component of the project

  • Less flexible, slow start, slow response


  • As a rule, not only low cost but also low quality

  • No guarantees or liability

  • Missed deadlines

  • May disappear suddenly

#In-house team

  • Cannot be hired for a short-term project

  • Expenses for insurance, corporate parties, vacation, sick leave, internet, office, equipment, hiring

  • In addition to developers, you also need to hire a manager, a technical lead, which increases the cost

#lomray software

  • Guarantees for the result fixed by the contract

  • Quick start

  • A team motivated in the success of your project

  • High quality of the code, and the reliability of the project

  • Product experience (we also release our own products to test the team's ideas and improve our product expertise)

  • Meeting deadlines

  • Prompt communication (if something happens to you and it is critical, we will try to fix it even after business hours)

  • No additional payments and budget increase

Get a free technical audit of your React project from our CTO

What happens next?

Our CEO Diana contacts you after having analyzed your requirements;

If needed, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level;

We will conduct a technical audit of your project, identify problems and vulnerabilities, and share with you.

Customers who trust us

Corporate email
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Or Book A tech Consultation with our ceo

To understand which technologies and team are best suited for your project, as well as to get feedback on your product


  • How fast can Lomray Software hire an React developer for my company?

    The time frame for providing a react developer from the moment of the request to the project's start ranges from 24 hours to 1 month. It all depends on your requirements and the number of available developers at the moment. Usually, we always have resources that are available ASAP or can start working on the project within 1-2 weeks. We always strive to act as quickly as possible; however, it also depends on the client, the duration and number of stages of consideration, contract preparation, and approval.

  • How much can I expect to pay to develop a ReactJS app?

    It all depends on the size of your application and the number of tasks. You can quickly get an approximate cost estimate for developing your React application here.

  • What kinds of specialists do you have onboard?

    In our company, we have specialists ranging from Upper Middle level to Upper Senior level. Our team consists of both specialized engineers who work exclusively with React.js and versatile FullStack developers. For instance, we can provide you with a developer who excels in both React and React Native, as well as Node.js.

    Please feel free to specify all your preferences and requirements here, and we will offer you a suitable React developer.

  • Can you assemble a team that’s right for my app's needs?

    Sure! If your application involves a stack like React/ReactNative/Node.js, rest assured that we will assemble the best team for you. We are committed to providing top-notch development services and ensuring the success of your project. Feel free to share any additional details or requirements here, and we'll get started on building the perfect team for your needs.

  • I'm not a technical founder of a start-up. Can I manage a team?

    Of course. Don't worry, you won't need to search for a technical lead because we will provide one for you. One of the bonuses of collaborating with our company is that each project undergoes mandatory review once a month by our CTO. In addition to that, for each project, we offer a Technical Stakeholder who is responsible for technical implementation.

    Furthermore, we always provide a Project Manager who will manage the team or assist you in organizing all processes.

  • Do you bill hourly or monthly?

    We issue invoices monthly based on the actual time spent, documented in the time report, and the hourly rate.

  • Why are rates different for developers with the same experience level?

    In our company, rates do not vary for developers with the same level of experience and competence.

  • How fast can you add/remove a team member?

    Within one day to one week.

  • What can I build with React.js?

    We build almost anything you can imagine using React, from simple SPA (Single Page Applications) to complex streaming services, fintech projects, and high-load applications.

    However, we do not recommend using React if you only need to develop a simple website. In such cases, it would be easier and more cost-effective to create it using a website builder or one of the popular CMS platforms.

    If you are unsure whether React is suitable for your project, you can book a free technical consultation with our CEO here.

  • Can your React developer help me complete my incomplete app development project?

    Certainly! We will assist you in completing your project in the best possible way. First, we can conduct a free audit and provide you with technical feedback from our experts. You can submit your request here.

  • What is your payment method after the engagement?

    We are quite flexible when it comes to payment methods. For clients from the USA, we support both regular bank transfers and ACH payments, as well as PayPal.

    For clients from other countries, regular international transfers in US dollars or Euros are also available.

    In addition to these options, we can individually tailor a more convenient payment method for you.

  • Will the hired resources work according to my time zone?

    We work with clients from all around the world - the USA, Australia, Europe, Canada, UAE. Before starting the project, we will discuss the team's working schedule and adjust it to ensure team have at least 4 hours of overlapping time with your regular working hours.

  • Do you provide support and maintenance services after deployment?

    Yes, we have special services packages for that. If you need any information or assistance with the project, you can always reach out to us to get help.

  • Do you provide an NDA and IP protection for my project?

    Of course. Typically, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before commencing any work. During the initial communication process, we request project details to match you with the most suitable developer. All intellectual property rights generated during the project's development belong to you according to our M&A and SOW.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with the hired Reactjs developer's work and would like to exit?

    No problem. You always have this option. We believe in the philosophy that everyone should be satisfied with the collaboration. If there's something you don't like, you can always terminate the partnership and find someone else in the market. If you provide evidence that the results do not meet the stated requirements, we will refund your money.

  • Why it's better to hire dedicated react js developer from Lomray than hire freelance react developer?

    Can a freelancer guarantee quality? Can a freelancer guarantee deadlines? What is the likelihood that, for some reason, a freelancer may disappear, along with all the progress on the project? Can a freelancer independently review it's own code at the same level as an experienced CTO? The answer to all these questions is ""No.""

    By collaborating with Lomray Software, we will provide all the guarantees, and you will be protected from risks. All terms and conditions are outlined in the contract.

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