Travel Platform Development

Earth backgroundWiFi Map Project screenshots

the Brief

Wi-Fi Map is the#1 trustedapplication for travelers since 2014.

But its creators wanted to optimize the application.

Client’s request

Adding new pages to an existing project

Adding new features

Adding subscription and payments function

Adding personal account functionality

Optimizing AWS server in case of heavy loads on the service

Key features

EarthWiFi hotspots
WiFi finder

Ability to connect to free Wi-Fi networks so you can get reliable internet access

EarthWiFi hotspots
Offline maps

Ability to save an area from Wi-Fi Map to your phone and use it offline

EarthWiFi hotspots
Built-in VPN

Ability to set up a secure connection between your device and an Internet server. If a website is banned in your region, simply select a VPN server from a country that has no restrictions


We provided the system for purchasing "pro-status", site localization, and refactoring of the project code

With all requirements in mind, we have optimized and made a safe and easy-to-use assistant that helps users save time and money

Project PreviewProject Preview
Earth backgroundWiFi Map Project screenshots


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