Quality Assurance

To make your product above impeccable


Attention to detail is a must: our skilled QA engineers make sure that not a single bug is overlooked and your product works like a Swiss watch.

Functional testing

Automated testing is not always the best solution for product testing.

If you:

  • are still in the process of features development
  • just developed an MVP
  • have unstable product functionality
  • Your option is functional testing.

We provide full-cycle manual testing for our customers.

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For unit testing, most often we use 'JEST'

For end to end we use 'CYPRESS'

for integration we use 'JASMINE'

for UI testing we use 'PUPPETEER'

for cross-browser testing such as 'KARMA'

Automation testing

In case your features are already stable or you need to reduce the time for testing, automation testing is your choice.

If you don't want your users testing the product, you totally need user cases

reasons to work with us

Free PM for your project

Daily availability for any questions you may have

Thorough testing is a must

180 days warranty

Discount for long-term projects

Cost-Effective And Flexible Services

Always meeting deadlines

Valid And Clean Code

80% Senior Level Developers / 20% Middle Ones

24/7 Availability

Our customers are thrilled
by our services! Don’t trust us?
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What types of software testing do you use?

We use two types of testing: Functional testing and Automation testing.

How can I learn more about your company and/or process?

You can check out our company on Clutch or DesignRush. Moreover, we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. How about a quick Zoom/Skype chat?

When should I test my software?

Any software product that either skipped the testing phase, underperforms, or has a room for improvement must be thoroughly tested. The software can be tested at all stages and throughout all aspects – be it functional, performance, security, or usability testing at the design, development, or pre-release stage.

How can QA testing help my business?

Testing service  allows streamline a variety of processes, thoroughly test the product, reveal weaknesses and flaws, reporting them, and providing professional recommendations on how to avoid faults and improve the quality.

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