Advantages of using Strapi + React

Advantages of using Strapi + React

There are cases when you need to develop a web application quickly, but you don't have the time or need to write a custom backend. In this case, various CMSs come to the rescue. However, many of them have certain nuances and it takes time and some experience to start working with them. What if you don't have this opportunity and you need to set up a CMS relatively quickly, but with the ability to customize it?

We offer a great solution that we often use on projects for our clients: React + Strapi.

What is Strapi

Strapi is a self-hosted, open-source, database-agnostic headless API with a fully customizable CMS front-end. It's never been easier to build a customizable and high-performance content API than with strapi.

It saves weeks of API development time and enables simple long-term content management via an easy-to-use administration panel.

Strapi also allows you to quickly create a CMS and add future customizations. Because the solution is built on Node.js, you won't need to learn any new technologies to use it. As a result, if something goes wrong, your team will understand it quickly.

What is React

React is an open-source JavaScript front-end library for creating user interfaces. Meta (formerly Facebook) and a community of individual developers and organizations maintain it. React is a popular JavaScript library for creating user interfaces that is used by a wide range of companies, including Airbnb, Netflix, and PayPal.

React employs a declarative programming paradigm, which means you describe what you want the user interface to look like, and React will figure out how to get there. As a result, React code is shorter and easier to understand than traditional imperative programming.

Here are a few advantages of using React: Declarative programming: React makes it simple to describe how you want the user interface to look. Component-based: React makes it simple to divide your user interface into reusable components. React is extremely fast and can handle complex user interfaces. React has a large and active developer community that can assist you with your projects.

We suggest using React in conjunction with the Vite SSR Boost tool.

What is Vite SSR Boost

Vite SSR Boost is a tool which was created by our CTO and react development team for React development that provides certain capabilities for frontend development, such as:

  • The ability to create server-side applications that support React streaming.
  • Suspense is now available for server-side applications
  • In 1 second, switch between SPA and SSR
  • Deploy for a few minutes in SPA/SSR mode
  • Very simple to migrate, and very simple to use
  • All of vite's power All of react-router's power

Advantages of using Vite SSR Boost + Strapi

By using the approach described in our article, you will have the following:

  • Easily and quickly develop both Frontend and API for it using a simple and convenient interface
  • Fully free open-source solutions
  • Use the latest approaches and technologies
  • High application performance
  • Ease and simplicity of maintenance
  • Large community


Using Vite SSR Boost + Strapi has huge advantages for web application development. However, before you start using anything, we always recommend basing it on the specific criteria of your project.

For example, if you are planning a large API with complex and non-typical business logic, it is better to turn to custom API development than to use something ready-made.

In the case that your task is to have a lightweight and simple CMS to view your users, update content, and so on, Strapi + React will be a great option.

You can read more about how to choose a tech stack for your project here.

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